Live - Volume I

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  1. Silky's Introduction
  2. Low Down Dirty Dawg 3:18
  3. The Road Comes To Me 4:36
  4. Hound Dog 2:51
  5. Woman Be Wise 4:05
  6. Someday Someway 3:46
  7. That's Not Your Baby 3:20
  8. Wang Dang Doodle 6:02
  9. Can't Get Your Loving Off Of My Mind 3:19
  10. Wild Stage of Life 4:29
  11. Toolbox Blues 3:33
  12. Stormy Monday 6:42
  13. Rainy Night in Memphis 3:03
  14. Loose Your Good Thing 4:34
  15. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree 2:07
  16. Oh Holy Night 4:24

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live vol 1Barbara Blue has played a regular gig at Silky O’Sullivan’s on Beale Street for the past decade, and has become a Memphis must-see during that time. She’s released four excellent albums, the last three with the Phantom Blues Band in support, and even picked up a 2007 Blues Music Awards nomination as Contemporary Female Blues Artist of the Year. In addition, the UK’s Shout Records recently released an import compilation culling highlights from her four albums. A powerhouse singer with great stage presence, it seems only appropriate to capture Blue in her element, so she’s released LIVE Volume 1 on her own Big Blue Records.

Slated as the first of three releases, LIVE Volume 1 was recorded in October and November of 2007, and presents Blue’s sparkling take on some classic tunes (“Hound Dog,” Sippie Wallace’s “Woman Be Wise,” Koko Taylor’s “Wang Dang Doodle,” “Stormy Monday,” and “Lose Your Good Thing”) along with some favorites from her previous releases (“The Road Comes To Me,” “Someday Someway,” “Can’t Get Your Loving Off Of My Mind,” “Toolbox Blues,” and “Rainy Night In Memphis”).

Blue sounds fantastic. Her vocals range from big and brassy to smoky and seductive. Her interplay with the audience is confident and relaxed. Her working band is first-rate and includes her longtime piano man Nat Kerr, guitarist Corey Osborn, and Lannie McMillan on saxophone. Kerr, Nancy Apple, and Reba Russell contribute backing vocals.

It all adds up to another great release from Barbara Blue, who has developed into one of the most talented female blues singers working these days. It will be interesting to see what the upcoming Volumes 2 and 3 have to offer. They’ll be hard-pressed to top LIVE Volume 1.

--- Graham Clarke


Live Volume 1 --- Barbara Blue

BBlues Societyig Blue Records

You don’t piss into the wind, you don’t play leapfrog with unicorns, you don’t test the depth of the water with both feet and you don’t go to Memphis without saying hi to Barbara Blue. She has been a staple at Silky O’Sullivan’s for over 10 years for a good reason. She’s good and she entertains like few can. This CD helps bring that live feel to you.

The CD opens with an introduction by Silky himself. He says that her legend on Beale is that “She can make a glass eye cry”. She starts with her own, “Low down dirty dog”. There are fifteen selections in all, including classics: “Woman be Wise”, “Stormy Monday”, “Wang Dang Doodle.” Also included are those that we love to see her perform: “Toolbox Blues” and “Hound Dog”. Before the song, “That’s Not Your Baby,” she pays tribute to Garth Asmussen from the Pawnbrokers…Calling him one of the most underrated harmonica players. I agree, Barbara!

Some songs are just Barbara and her long time keyboard player, Nat Kerr. Others include, Lannie McMillan on sax and the very talented and very young [He may be able to drink legally now] Corey Osborn on guitar.

There is good reason she has this long running gig, her vocals are phenomenal; jaw dropping at times. One listen to “Oh Holy Night” and you will understand. She even sounds good when she starts that familiar “Here We Go Steelers” chant.

So, invite all of your rowdy friends over, load up on your favorite beverages and make a pot of Irish stew. When the mood strikes, play this CD, relax and enjoy. If you can’t come to Memphis, bring it home to you.

                                                                                                              Jim Weber


Barbara Blue review....
Written by Don Crow   
Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Music City BluesBARBARA BLUE





     It's not a complete trip to Memphis for us without a stop at the legenday Silky Sullivan's Club at 183 Beale, to share an evening with "Memphis' Queen Of The Blues," Barbara Blue!  And, that's what a packed house of revelers wanted on the nights of October 25, 26, and November 21, 2007, which make up the performances presented in "Live, Vol.1." 

     Barbara is indeed a "human IPOD," boasting a repertoire somewhere in the neighborhood of 7000 songs, and on this live set, she's joined by her longtime pianist, Nat Kerr, along with sax from Lonnie McMillan, guitar from Corey Osborn, and her backing chorus of Kerr, Nancy Apple, and Reba Russell.  They run the gamut from crowd-pleasing favorites such as "Wang Dang Doodle," "Hound Dog," and "Stormy Monday," as well as a few holiday chestnuts for good measure.

     We are partial to Barbara's oriiginal material from her prior releases, tho.  "When it comes to layin' pipe," that "tool" in "Toolbox Blues" sure comes in handy!  After working on Beale Street for several years now, thankfully, "The Road Comes To Me."  And, just "like a fever that won't break," "Can't Get Your Lovin' Off My Mind" jumps right out at ya, with hot guitar leads from Corey Osborn.  A little sage advice from Barbara is given out in "Woman Be Wise," and "don't advertise your man," from a song that dates from the 1930's.

     She's bold and brassy, and, in the words of bossman Silky Sullivan himself, "Barbara Blue can make a glass eye cry." You won't cry after listening to "Live, Vol. 1," as you'll be too busy dancin' and singin' along!  This is a great set from Barbara, and captures her at her best, with definite home-court advantage in front of a very appreciative crowd!   Until next time....Sheryl and Don Crow.


La Hora Del Blues

Sin duda alguna, esta mujer conocida como Barbara Blue es ya una de las voces con más presencia y uno de los valores más interesantes de la escena musical de Memphis. Estos dos álbumes grabados en directo con un intervalo de ocho meses entre uno y otro, nos acercan a esta diva que, durante las noches del 25 de octubre del 2007 y el 7 de junio del 2008, ofreció dos conciertos memorables desde el Silky O’Sullivan’s, en el 183 de Beale Street en Memphis, TN. acompañada por su fiel pianista Nat Kerr, el guitarrista Corey Osborn y el saxofonista Lannie McMillan. Ambos discos contienen veintisiete canciones llenas de intensidad, pasión y entrega, que no solamente harán las delicias de sus seguidores, sino también las de todos aquellos que por primera vez descubran su voz, su exquisito timbre y naturalmente su sobrada sensibilidad, algo difícil de olvidar. Temas para todos los gustos, desde composiciones propias a versiones de James Harman, Sippie Wallace, Willie Dixon, Leiber & Stoller, Dennis LaSalle y otros menos conocidos. Un abierto y variado muestrario que compone parte del ideario musical de la nueva princesa de Beale Street. MUY BUENOS.

Undoubtedly Miss Barbara Blue has already become one of the most outstanding voices and interesting values of Memphis musical scene. These two live albums, recorded with a break of eight months between them, introduce us a diva who, the nights of October 25th 2007 and June 7th 2008, performed two unforgettable shows at Silky O’Sullivan’s, 183 Beale Street, Memphis, TN., backed by her faithful piano player Nat Kerr, guitar player Corey Osborn and saxo player Lannie McMillan. Both cds include twenty seven passionate intense songs that, not only will please all her countless fans but also will satisfy people who for the first time face to her voice, her delicious tone and extreme sensitivity. A variety of songs from own compositions to James Harman, Sippie Wallace, Willie Dixon, Leiber & Stoller, Dennis LaSalle versions together with some less known ones. An open wide sample about some of the musical ideas of the new Beale Street princess. VERY GOOD.


FINALLY.......  Ladies & Gentleman,
Barbara Blue and Nat Kerr have finished their first ever LIVE recording @ Silky O'Sullivans 183 Beale Street Memphis TN.
After 10.5yrs of working 5 nights a week @ Silky's, this dynamic duo and a few guest's spent 3 nights recording LIVE to bring you a portion of the entertainment experienced and enjoyed by numerous Memphis residents and visitors!!  They boast a repertoire of over 7000 songs!!  Although Barbara Blue is a world noticed Blues Performer with a 2007 BMA Nomination in the category of Contemporary Female Blues Artist of the Year.......  At Silky's her goal is to entertain so she mixes her blues with just about any song the audience requests....  well with in reason and good taste!!  So here is Volume 1.....  2 & 3 will follow ....  So look forward to #2 to be released in February and #3 to be released in May!!  

Producer ~Barbara Blue
Co. Producer ~Dawn Hopkins
Executive Producer~ Blue Productions

Recorded LIVE @ Silky O’Sullivans
183 Beale Street ~ Memphis, TN
Thursday Oct. 25, 2007
Friday Oct. 26, 2007
Wednesday Nov. 21, 2007
By ~ Dawn Hopkins

Mixed by ~ Dawn Hopkins
Mastered by L. Nix & Co., Inc.
 Inside Ardent Studios ~ Memphis, TN

Vocals ~ Barbara Blue
Piano ~ Nat Kerr
Saxophone ~ Lannie McMillan
Guitar ~ Corey Osborn
Background Vocals ~ Nat Kerr, Nancy Apple & Reba Russell

Graphics ~ Nancy Apple
Cover Photo ~ Barbara Blue
Other Photo's ~ Barry Shaw, Kathy Keller, Omar Hysong & Stennis Watson


RootsvilleIt only took 3 days for "The Queen of Beale Street" aka Barbara Blue to record a magnificant "live" album, with the apriciated cooperaion of Nat Kerr / piano & backing vocals, Lannie McMillan / sax, Corey Osborn / guitar, Nancy Apple & Reba Russel / background vovals. Place to be was the beautiful location @ Silky's O'Sullivan's 183 Beale Street, Memphis, Tennessee and for the owners Silky & Joellyn Sullivan and the numerous present fans those days Thursday Oct.25, 2007, Friday Oct. 26, 2007 & Wednesday Nov. 21, 2007 undoubtedly grew to one of the biggest blues/roots party.

As we already mentioned by the release of "By Popular Demand" (Shout Records, see rev. '07), an very good release of her album "Sell my Jewelry" ('01) with some nice bonus, one makes it clear with this "Live Volume 1" album that this piece of dynamite not only pampers the tourists every Wed.-Thurs. 7-9 pm, Satuday 5-9 pm & Sunday 4-8 pm,
but also needs to take some time off to honor some Belgium / Dutch clubs / Festivals with a visit. If we have to believe the latest rumours than................. Till than we have to be satisfied by this CD with an openingstrack, and at my request (haha joke), with "Lown Down Dirty Dog". A dynamic beginning that ends in an hour of excellent blues / Memphis music in which Nat Kerr / piano, Corey Osborn / guitar and Lannie McMillan / sax tale the lead and show that they are equally of The Phantom Blues Band (BB's band at the studio albums).

With "In The Beginning When I Was Young..The Road Comes To Me" the fairy-tale strated in Memphis, Tennessee for the in Pittburgh, Pa. born, firm, tatooed lady who with rocking versions of "Hound Dog" (Leiber & Stoller) and "Rainy Night in Memphis" (JD. Garrison) evens the road for steaming blues classics like "Well they Call It Stormy Monday" (Aaron T.Walker), "Someday Somewhere" (Ronnie Earl), "That's Not Your Baby" (Hamonicaplayer James Harman), Willie Dixon's clappin'& singin' "All Night Long...Wang Dang Doodle", "Toolbox Blues" (Sandy Carrol / James Solberg / Charlie Bingham). Blues with balls performed by a lady who gets you by the neck with no obvious covers as "Can't Get Your Loving Off My Mind" (Doug Getchall/Jim Weatherly), the jazzy "Wild Stage of Life", the R&B tune "Loose Your Good Thing" (Barbara Lynn Ozen, black female singer-songwriter from Beaumont, Texas), "Rocking Around The Christmax Tree". Singin', drinking, shakin' your ass.........are steady ingredients of an BB concert with Kris Kristofferson's "Me and Bobby McGee" which refers to a long time ago when Janis Joplin was performing and also owned such wonderfull pipes.....

Volume 2 and 3 are coming too and we hope naturally to listen to bloodshacking versions of "Lake Charles" & "Drunken Angel (Lucinda Wiliams), "Moonlight over Memphis", "Shuffle all Light Long" & "You Can't Stop My Love" (Nancy Apple) and Charlie Rich's "Don't Put No Headstone on My Grave". Memphis Red Hot Rhythm & Blues.............Soul To The Bone..........The Human Jukebox.....She is healing hearts with her soul!!!(SWA)

Translated by Cora from