Live - Volume 2

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  1. Silky’s Introduction 0:37

  2. Come To Mama 2:46
     Willie Mitchell/ Earl Randle
     Irving Music, Inc (BMI)

 3. Red Cadillac & The Blues 2:49
     Barry Shaw/ Barbara Blue
     BIG Bad Blue Music (BMI)

 4. At Last 3:19
     Harry Warren/ Mack Gordon
     EMI Feist Catalog Inc. (ASCAP)

 5. What Makes You So Tough 2:51
     Henry Glover Trio Music Co. Inc./ Fort Knox Music, Inc.

 6. I Don’t Need No Man Like That 3:40
     Bobby Boyd/ Bobby Boyd Music (BMI)

  7. Moonlight Over Memphis 3:13
     Nancy Apple Senorita Muchacha Music (BMI)

 8. Broken Hearts Row 3:56
     Brenda Burns BUG Music/oBo Juke-House Music/oBo Little Bird Music

 9. Louise 3:34
     Paul Siebel MCA Music (ASCAP)

10. You Can Have My Husband 4:11
      D. LaBostrie/ Ron (BMI)

11. Man Size Job 3:07
       Denise LaSalle Bridgeprot Music, Inc. (BMI)

12. Drunken Angel 4:11
       Lucinda Williams Lucy Jones Music/ Normad-Norman Music (BMI)

13. Minnie The Moocher 2:54
       Mills/ Calloway/ Gaskill (ASCAP)
       EMI Entertainment World/ oBo Hi-De-Ho Man Music
       Filmtrax Copyright HLDGS Inc./ oBo EMI Mills Music Inc.

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Live Volume 2 cover

Barbara Blue’s second of three sets recorded at her Memphis stomping grounds at Silky O’Sullivan’s is appropriately entitled Live Volume 2 (Big Blue Records). Recorded at the same time as Volume 1 (September and October of 2007) and featuring the same band (Nat Kerr – piano, Lannie McMillan – saxophone, Corey Osborn – guitar, and Kerr, Nancy Apple, and Reba Russell on background vocals), Volume 2 features Blue tackling a diverse set in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

Highlights include a powerful take on Etta James’ “At Last,” featuring Kerr on the keys, a sax-drenched soulful take on Henry Glover’s “What Makes You So Tough” and Nancy Apple’s “Moonlight Over Memphis.” Blue also does a nice version of Dorothy LaBostrie’s “You Can Have My Husband,” a sensitive reading of Paul Siebel’s “Louise,” and Lucinda Williams’ “Drunken Angel,” a favorite from her Sell My Jewelry CD.

Since the setting is stripped-down and somewhat relaxed, the band is pretty low-key, other than Kerr’s wonderful support throughout and the occasional sax break from McMillan. Blue’s performance is, as always, first-rate, as she continues to prove herself capable of handling any song style that comes her way with relative ease.

If you liked Volume 1, you’ll love Volume 2. Barbara Blue continues to stand out in a crowded field of female blues vocalists. If you’re in Memphis, drop by Silky’s one Saturday night and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

--- Graham Clarke -- Blues Bytes


La Hora Del Blues

Undoubtedly Miss Barbara Blue has already become one of the most outstanding voices and interesting values of Memphis musical scene. These two live albums, recorded with a break of eight months between them, introduce us a diva who, the nights of October 25th 2007 and June 7th 2008, performed two unforgettable shows at Silky O’Sullivan’s, 183 Beale Street, Memphis, TN., backed by her faithful piano player Nat Kerr, guitar player Corey Osborn and saxo player Lannie McMillan. Both cds include twenty seven passionate intense songs that, not only will please all her countless fans but also will satisfy people who for the first time face to her voice, her delicious tone and extreme sensitivity. A variety of songs from own compositions to James Harman, Sippie Wallace, Willie Dixon, Leiber & Stoller, Dennis LaSalle versions together with some less known ones. An open wide sample about some of the musical ideas of the new Beale Street princess. VERY GOOD.

Sin duda alguna, esta mujer conocida como Barbara Blue es ya una de las voces con más presencia y uno de los valores más interesantes de la escena musical de Memphis. Estos dos álbumes grabados en directo con un intervalo de ocho meses entre uno y otro, nos acercan a esta diva que, durante las noches del 25 de octubre del 2007 y el 7 de junio del 2008, ofreció dos conciertos memorables desde el Silky O’Sullivan’s, en el 183 de Beale Street en Memphis, TN. acompañada por su fiel pianista Nat Kerr, el guitarrista Corey Osborn y el saxofonista Lannie McMillan. Ambos discos contienen veintisiete canciones llenas de intensidad, pasión y entrega, que no solamente harán las delicias de sus seguidores, sino también las de todos aquellos que por primera vez descubran su voz, su exquisito timbre y naturalmente su sobrada sensibilidad, algo difícil de olvidar. Temas para todos los gustos, desde composiciones propias a versiones de James Harman, Sippie Wallace, Willie Dixon, Leiber & Stoller, Dennis LaSalle y otros menos conocidos. Un abierto y variado muestrario que compone parte del ideario musical de la nueva princesa de Beale Street. MUY BUENOS.