Live - Volume 3

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 1. Silky’s Introduction 00:37

2. Still Long For Your Kiss 4:07
Lucinda Williams & Duane Jarvis
Warner-Tamerlane Pub. obo Lucy Jones Music BMI
Music of Windswept obo Feadhach Music ASCAP

3. After The Glitter Fades 3:45
Stevie Nicks
Sony/ATV songs LLC obo Welsh Witch Music BMI

4. Jolene 3:17
Dolly Parton
Velvet Apple Music BMI

5. Black Velvet 3:56
Christopher Ward & David Tyson
Universal Music-Z tunes obo BlueBear Waltzes ASCAP
Purple Cape Music obo Ole Media Mgmt. LP SOCAN

6. You Don’t Know Me 3:42
Eddie Arnold & Andy Walker
Waner-Tamerlane PUB. obo Mijac Music BMI

7 . Ring Of Fire 3:35
June Carter Cash & Merle Kilgore
Painted Desert Music corp. ASCAP

8. Walking In Memphis 4:37
Marc Cohen
Sony/ATV Harmony BMI

9. City Of New Orleans 4:37
Steve Goodman
Jurisdad Music ASCAP

10. The Letter 3:46
Wayne Carson
Budde Songs Inc. BMI

11. Dixie Chicken 5:11
Paul Barrere
Bug Music obo Balrere Music ASCAP

12. Night Moves 4:41
Bob Seger
Gear Publishing ASCAP

13. A Song For You 4:36
Leon Russell
Irving Music Inc. ASCAP

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Live Volume 3

And finally LIVE Vol. 3... This CD is dedicated to all the folks who love us ( Nat Kerr on piano and Barbara Blue on vocals & tambourine) not judge
us. Our mission has always been to make folks feel part of the show and enjoy their down time. If that means we must deal in a bit of musical prostitution well then so be it. Nat and I are blessed to do what we love (make music) for a living. We might not be rolling in dough but we sure sleep
well!! Thanks for all of your love and support over the years. Continued thanks to Joellyn & Silky Sullivan for 12 GREAT years ... 3 LIVE
CD’s .... and hopefully many more to come. Also thanks to the crew at Silky’s for working hard and having fun... it a pleasure! Special thanks to
Omar, KK, my mom, Lannie McMillan, Corey Osborn, Dawn Hopkins, Nancy Apple, Reba Russell, Larry & Kevin Nix, Shyla & Quinn, Danny Childress,
Brandon, Mrs. Wizard, Henry & Terry at Pat’s Prints, John Henry Hyde & all of our friends and fans. Love ya’ll! XoX BB & Nat