Out of the Blue ...

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  1. Smoke Rings in the Dark
  2. Tap on my Window
  3. No No Baby
  4. What To Do
  5. Old Man's Moving Out
  6. Out of the Rain
  7. Can't Stand the Rain
  8. Bed Bug Boogie
  9. I've Got To Have It
  10. Piece of my Heart
  11. Sweet Love Blues
  12. Shake

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Out Of The Blue is Barbara Blue's first recording.  Recorded in November 1994 in Pittsburgh, PA at the Control Room on the South Side.  In the beginning there was "OUT OF THE BLUE" ...... what a long strange ride it's been!!!  To the present day Barbara still teams up with some of the musicians who performed on this CD to do shows in Pittsburgh and along the east coast.  

Executive Producer:  Barbara Blue
Producer:   Barbara Blue
Engineer:   Robert Kasper (RIP)

Vocals:   Barbara Blue
Bass:  Will Franklin
Drums:   Ray DeFade
Tenor Saxophone:   Chris Patarini
Harmonica:   Garth Assmussen
Guitar:   Ford Jeffery Thurston